Pastile 'Mister Maka' Trip Stoppers

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If this is the first time that you have attempted to take a hallucinogenic journey, do not panic in case things start to go awry for you. That is why the Mister Maka trip stopper exists. The white capsule contains a substance referred to as dextrose and which goes a long way in assisting to minimize the effects of your hallucinogenic trip.  In the package, there is a dark capsule known as valerian whose role is to assist you to relax before leading to a smooth comedown. The main idea of having this capsule close to you is to ensure that your trip will be smooth and that you will remain relaxed even as you continue with your trip. A single dosage of the trip stopper will comprise of two white capsules and two dark capsules. You have to take them both at the same time. After taking the capsules, make sure to eat something spicy. It will also be important for you to remain calm and to try and breath in and out slowly without panicking.